UFOSIGHT.com is the premiere internet destination for the latest information about UFO sightings, UFO photographs, UFO videos, UFO theories, alien abductions, UFO phenomenon, ancient alien history, ancient astronaut theory, UFO reports, etc.
UFOSIGHT.com was founded in an attempt to assist in investigation, evaluation, and to increase public awareness in the numerous UFO sightings which continuously occur throughout the world.

Educating the public to the reality of the UFO and E.T. activity situation is our primary mission.

In today’s world everyone seems to have a camera handy for when the unexpected happens and that includes unexplainable objects in the sky. There are so many different UFO sightings around the globe that it’s becoming increasingly harder for Governments to simply say it was a weather balloon. Mix that with the different Alien pictures, paintings, and sculptures from thousands of years ago up until today and the evidence becomes impossible to ignore.

If a picture is worth a thousand words than good video is priceless. We have obtained many different extra terrestrial videos and UFO videos and put them up so the general public can have access to the truth. Some are extremely credible and proven to be real beyond a doubt while others raise doubt. As more and more people have video cameras and are pointing them to the sky you can bet were going to get many more undeniable UFO videos and hopefully even a few more videos of real E.T.s.