Charles F. Bolden Official Portrait

Charles F. Bolden Official Portrait

It is confirmed by NASA administrator Major Charles Frank Bolden Jr., that alien life is existent. NASA head told British children that he believes there is extra-terrestrial life out there. His views are solely based on the so many planets perceived to carry similar features of Earth.

After asked by 10-year old, Carmen Dearing if he believed in aliens, he positively said he thinks we will someday meet other life forms from outside our planet. The possibility reaches out to the billions of solar systems out there.

Major Bolden emphasized that having millions of Earth-like planets means it is most likely possible.

Bolden admitted to the children that Area 51 exists, but there is no alien life hidden there. The place is a facility for research and development. He added that in his stay there, he has never seen any spaceship or alien. The secrecy of Area 51 is a contribution to the rumors that there are aliens hidden there.

While Area 51 has been kept a secret for many decades, rumors sparked, which caused many people to believe in theories of hidden alien-life. To clarify it, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) revealed documents informing that Area 51 is in Nevada, near Groom Lake.

Along with the documents is information that the facility was used for the Army Air Corp as an aerial gunnery during World War II. Later, President Dwight Eisenhower approved the place to be used as the test site and training range for the Atomic Energy Commissions Nevada. It was subsequently used as the primary site for the U-2 spy plane development.

Major Bolden cites particular technological problems such as ample toilet facilities as a main reason why humans could not land on the Red Planet. NASA hopes to finally take humans to Mars in 2030.

The primary mission is to take an orbital tour on Mars. The surface is a major qualifying factor that approves Mars as a habitual place. NASA is looking to use robots to build houses, with good life support systems and toilets.

As shown, it was a “Hot Seat” for Major Charles Frank Bolden Jr. who gave answers for the children’s newspaper, First News and was broadcasted on Sky News.