A witness in Kansas City recalled a UFO sighting incident from 1978 where he and two fellow bandmates had encountered a flying object just 50 feet overhead. The strange incident was reported to Mutual UFO Network or MUFON and filed under Case 73425 in the network’s witness reporting database.

While in the show band in April 1978, the witnesses traveled the Midwest and rehearsed a new act at the parent’s farm of the singer just outside Kansas City, KS.

According to the reporting witness, the keyboard player, guitar player and himself went outside for a smoke break at around 8 in the evening when they noticed a bright light in the eastern sky. As they watched, they saw that it grew larger and moved directly towards them.

When the object reached directly overhead, the group clearly saw the triangle-shaped or delta-wing shaped craft hovering without any noise approximately 50 feet above them. They saw two globes hanging from the UFO, one from each wing. One of these two globes was a bright, white light and another one was dark.

While they observed it hovering in silent, the guitar player went inside to grab his camera. When he came back outside, the mysterious object darted off at a very fast speed towards the north – Kansas City.

The group continued to watch it and spotted an electrical storm in the area where it was headed. As it came close to that storm, the globe under the craft began to glow evenly with another globe.

he ship entered the storm and disappeared. The group concluded that it must be an electric or magnetic powered aircraft because of its ability to replenish from electrical storms.