Shoot last year september in Tatry mountains in Poland.
Oryginal picture plus zoom crops with changed white levels
I made the photos
Eye Witness said:
I was trekking in Polish mountains september last year. The picture was took on the peak of mount “Giewont” on 1895 meters. I decided to take a panorama photo of city “Zakopane” that is below. At the time of taking this photo I did not know or see anything in the sky, it was totally clear (cloaking system?) there were no birds, planes and other objects. No chance that someone throw a rock. I chcecked the photo when I came back to my hotel and realised there is something in the sky that was invisible to my eyes at the time. Knowing there was something I couldn’t see, shocked me. I also made another pictre from different angle and there is something weird on it but it’s blurred.
I don’t have video as I said the object wasn’t visible to my eyes. Camera lenses cought it accidentally
This is the location of sighting
-This article is credited to Michal Mielniczek