A video showing bizarre lights in the sky left viewers baffled. It was unknown as to when the video was taken, but apparently recorded in the month of September 2015 and posted in December of the same year.

According to the report, a man riding his bicycle noticed some very strange lights in the sky in front of him. The lights appeared over a cornfield in Krakow, Poland.

After cleaning up the pixelated video, it somehow shows a foggy ground. The footage reveals five lights with another larger one, much more visible in the sky – possibly the moon.

It’s difficult to determine the lights’ identity because of the shakiness of the bicycle ride and the movement of the lights.

The cyclist appears to leave the main road and ride into the corn plants. It is also hard to determine whether the cyclist leaves the path to get a better view of the lights, or he just lost his balance.

Some say the lights are balloons, but their movement seems to rule this out. Observe the video and tell us what you think in the comment section.