This is a cool report, yet was inadequate as to the Google headings to attest it. I luckily found the headings and yes, the triangle UFO is there. At the headings of 38° 6’23.28″N 85°51’20.04″W if you go into street see by moving the orange individual image around there, you will see a dull UFO hanging over a white house. I look at the range on street view and found that the dull triangle was taking after the Google auto for a little ways. The triangle was sometimes before the trees, which implies its size was recently around 1 meter from corner to corner. It was likely covered, yet the Google cameras propelled eye got it. Google has a program that cloudy spots goes up against, labels and clearly UFOs now. If you see the cloud over the window and the darken over the UFO appear, all in all, to be made by a comparable disguise mechanical assembly.

Passerby states:

My kid was hunting down his phone and recognize it was on his bed, when he lifted it up google satellite was some how pulled up on his phone, he took after what the heck .. so he started looking the satellite guide was on.. he comprehended it was on our home, he was dazed to see a question floating over our home.. the challenge has every one of the reserves of being triangle alive and well and chestnut in shading… he snapped shot from different edges … I am not sure what this dissent is, it could be a leaf or something on the satellite point of convergence… in any case, is by all accounts a UFO.., would love for your gathering to look at pictures and let us know whether this is a challenge on the point of convergence or if a UFO was genuinely over our home!