Disc-shaped object started out as three bright white lights which seemed at first to be airplane lights but coming my direction.

The moving lights reported, started moving around up and down but at the same time a bit tilted (to clarify the lights looked as to be connected to each other, not separate objects); almost as in an airplane doing maneuvers but sideways.

It is a bit hard to explain and that is why it caught my eye, I was almost in a trance trying to figure out what was going on. The object then stopped in mid air for about thirty seconds and hovered there.

It then began to light up fully in white lights and got very bright for thirty more seconds and steadily moved the opposite direction until it was out of sight. The object was disk shaped when it was fully lit but I could not see the shape previous to that.

My boyfriend and I were on a walk when it happened, I can’t remember the exact time but it was around 8-9 pm on January 21st.

I did not hear a sound the entire time the object was in view which was another reason I thought it to be strange seeing as it was close enough to where we should have heard something.

This is my second reporting in the past two months (my last being orange orbs) as well as I have heard two other cases from friends and family seeing orange orbs and a craft like object in Oakley within the same time period.

I would love to know an explanation for these incidents as they seem to be occurring regularly within the past couple of months.



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