An observer uncovered in a meeting that he saw numerous little silver plates arrived in his cultivating field. Rancher Edwin Fuhr, 36, was at his grape edit at around 11:00 am to make a gather. Out of the blue, he saw a metallic vault question in a verdant region around 50 feet away. Attempting to explore the secretive thing, he exited his swather and strolled around 15 feet of the protest.

Seeing the protest turning and twirling the grass underneath made him apprehensive and stepped back. He moved back on the swather to glance around and watched four more vaults in a harsh semi-circle, all appeared to be identical, turning and drifting roughly a foot over the ground.

At that point one question took off, which was trailed by the other four rapidly, going up in a stage arrangement. They ceased in roughly 200 feet with their fumes like expansions at the base emanating a puff of dark vapor. He saw the vapor stretching out around six feet. He at that point saw a descending blast of the wind that leveled the assault in the quick zone.

The puzzling articles at that point shaped a straight line, drifted for around two minutes, at that point abruptly went up into the low overcast cover and vanished.

Fuhr later discovered that steers in a field close-by had roared and gotten through a fence amid the season of the locating. Anxious to get the hang of something more about what had occurred, he went into the arrival territory and saw five rings of discouraged grass whirled in a clockwise example. He found no hints of warmth or consuming. Soon thereafter, more circles were accounted for in the range.

Canadian Press cited Ron Morier, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable, saying there was something and he questioned it was a lie. He said the witness showed up truly terrified and no sign that it had been wheeled in or out.