Individuals gazing at the night sky over the Trinity Park two or three months back might have UFO Sighting.

A neighborhood geologist Adam Murfet got an obvious UFO while recording on video an exceptional tempest movement with his camera.

Mr Murfet said that he saw the bizarre light in the sky amid the finish of a lightning storm. He clarified that there was no lightning going ahead when he saw what could be portrayed as a unidentified flying article.

The video demonstrates a little question drifting, zooming around whimsically and apparently vanish before returning.

He said that it shot up and vanished.

At that point out of the blue, the pitch dark sky reignites with lightning rapidly after the light vanished.

The conceivable presence of minimal green men in the skies makes Mr Murfet to consider beginning a Northern Beaches UFO watchers gathering.

He said that he has never made one, however trusts they could frame a gathering together to perceive what they could see.

He sent the recording to Mutual UFO Network for thought.

Mr Murfet said that UFOs have constantly captivated him, yet it was the first occasion when he has seen one.