A gigantic jellyfish UFO was seen appearing in the clouds of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico last September 18, 2016. This type of UFO which is also called an “A-Bomb” or “Sprite” by NASA resemble the shape of a mushroom and ranks as the largest type of its kind in vertical and horizontal dimensions.


Frankie Lucena, the eye witness of the said event took a photo of the said UFO and had it investigated by the team of researchers from Lightning Research Group. However, Lucena did not observe an instigating lightning bolt, but instead, just before the sprite appeared, he recorded a bright point-like flash of light.

“It consists of a bright halo approximately 85km above Earth’s surface surrounding sprite elements with long tendrils reaching down as low as 30km above ground level.” Oscar van de Velde, member of the Lightning Research Group at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya explained.

Although sprites have been observed appearing in the Earth’s surface for at least a century, majority of the researchers did not believe they existed until after 1989 when a couple of sprites were photographed from a space shuttle. Others believed these sprites were new fields created by NASA to misinform the public and hide the existence of UFOs. True or not, you decide.