Lord Kelvin said in 1900 that nothing new to discover in physics, but students and scientists of the University of Ostfold, Hessdalen, Norway have proven him wrong as they documented what they called a UFO.

So, it appears that not only Einstein did break Kelvin’s statement, but many others have proven him wrong throughout the years.

Man discovered throughout history that the world is round and not flat as previously believed. Heavy machinery can now fly and travel for miles. Now, it appears that Earth is not the center of the universe. The concept of the existence of UFOs has been historically challenged and debated by scholars worldwide.

The only UFO interactive observatory in Earth is the Hessdalen Observatory, which already documented many strange phenomena throughout the years.

But why this UFO video has just recently receiving views on social media? It could be the recent move by NASA to gather some of the most prestigious scientists in the world to know the best way of telling the world that humanity is not alone.

Perhaps, the number of hearings in Congress about UFOs and thousands of people involved in this research are becoming more excited to share the world about the truth. Many people all over the world believe mankind is not alone in the universe, and that there’s life somewhere out there.

For centuries, dozens of people have come forward to share their UFO or alien encounters. Even high ranking military officials and people in politics are voicing their beliefs that UFOs are real. UFO documentation ranges from amateur photographs and videos to documentary movies with scientific intent.

Although the Hessdalen UFO video was taken in 2007, only recently it is making rounds on social media, which leads to speculation that the video has been researched and authenticated for many years. The video, called as Hessdalen phenomenon in Norway, was captured by students and scientists.

Viewers of the video should not be focusing on the first UFO as this isn’t what everyone is talking but the second one.

The Norway’s observatory is designed to take photographs in the area every minute. People behind the observatory claim that they have undisputed evidence of UFOs.