Check out this really interesting footage of a UFO activity that was seen and filmed above Californian sky ( Landers and Yucca Valley) on 21st May 2017.

Witness report: Incredible video film of a military stream pursuing a UFO (no doubt, truth is stranger than fiction, pursuing one) directly over our heads while out at the scandalous Giant Rock in Landers while at the current year’s Contact in the Desert (CITD) meeting in Joshua Tree Calif. I, Melinda Leslie, was driving my Sunday night, May 21st, Sky Watch with Night Vision Goggle Intensive out at Giant Rock on the third night of survey occasions for CITD. Fortunately one of my members, Graham Slater, got this and a large portion of our different sightings (from each of the 3 evenings no less), with his highly contrasting night vision camcorder. His extra film of a portion of the other incrdible sightings will be posted at a future date once they are accumulated.

Here’s a portrayal of the stream pursue locating: At just before 10:00 p.m. (did not note correct time) some of my members and I saw an expansive golden hued light low to the skyline simply behind Giant Rock from where my entire gathering of around 50 or more individuals were accumulated and utilizing 15 sets of night vision goggles. A contigenecy of around 20 of us hurried to show signs of improvement perspective of it. To the bare eye it seemed, by all accounts, to be an expansive orangish (golden) light, that citing a portion of the 20 individuals; “flew like a honey bee”. One visitor, [name expelled/CMS/jpg], came running with a couple of the goggles close by and got a decent take a gander at it. She said that through the goggles it resembled “a substantial precious stone molded UFO.” She drew a photo of it connected here. This question then flew behind a little slope directly behind the whole Sky Watch bigger gathering. As those of us who kept running off strolled back to join the others, 3 military planes flew over toward the protest now gone from sight behind the slope. A few of us remarked that “on the off chance that” “they” were tailing it, which means the planes, they were a couple of minutes past the point of no return.

Simply then we heard the sound of a low flying plane from behind the slope, and all of a sudden clearing the highest point of the slope and directly over our heads, came a quick military stream pursuing a speedier extensive red sparkling light. The military stream had both red and white squinting strobe lights and sparkling max engine thrust and was VERY noisy as it flew specifically over our heads. The expansive red light had NO squinting lights and NO solid by any means! It turned out to be clear to every one of the 50 or more witnesses, this was NO stream!!! Those people give who looked the guide of the goggles said they were seeing either 2 lights, or one protest with 2 light sources on it. After broad survey of the recording, I am almost sure it indicates 2 UFOs (quick moving lights), flying in impeccable bolted pair with each other. It shows up you can see stars between them out of sight recommending that these are 2 seperate objects.

As is generally the case, this recording while mind blowing, does not do the locating equity. The video is in high contrast night vision, not full-shading exposed eye vision, and does not have any solid, so you can’t hear the agreeable energy of 50 or more witnesses shouting and cheering.