As of late individuals from an engine trail bunch took a visit in the backwoods of Banda Aceh which is the most western region of Sumatra, Indonesie when abruptly a bizarre little figure rose up out of the woods.

Subsequently the main rider tumbled to the ground, then the figure halted on the track, watched the bikers before he fled with an impressive speed.

In spite of the fact that the bikers on their cruisers took after the figure who strolled unshod, they were not able make up for lost time with him. The consider figured out how to vanish along with the timberland once more.

There is much hypothesis that the figure was not an individual but rather is it conceivable that the figure is a developed grown-up with dwarfism who lives alone in the woods or might be the figure, given his response, is an individual from a separated gathering or tribe who don’t have the foggiest idea about whatever remains of the world exists.

Note: I have asked my Indonesian companions whether there are tribes as yet living in the backwoods of Bandah Aceh or not and they revealed to me that there are still tribes living in the timberlands of Kalimantan and New Guinea Papua however in the woodland of Bandah Aceh was far-fetched.

The accompanying video has circulated around the web in Indonesia and one miracles what or who is the little assume that abruptly showed up before the bikers?