An abnormal protest was professedly watched leaving an entrance in the sky. While driving home, a couple from Alexandria, Louisiana guaranteed to have detected a UFO showing up from a pipe underneath a round cloud.

Prominent paranoid fear channel SecureTeam10 transferred the video on the web. The storyteller says the couple reached them and portrayed their experience.

As per the report, one of the match expressed that they were driving home when a white donut formed cloud emerged in the sky.

The couple had got a photograph of it before it got excessively dim. Minutes after the fact, they maneuvered into their garage and escaped the vehicle. They saw the sky had become dim dark colored and saw the vapor like channel around the donut molded cloud had begun to descend from the inside. In the meantime, an oval molded translucent protest that was encompassed by lights showed up at the base.

As indicated by the witness, the UFO drifted sufficiently long in the sky for them to take pictures before it vanished.