UFO fans went bedlam in the wake of seeing amazing lights drifting close-by the World Trade Center in New York City. Various individuals from bars along the Hudson River went out to see the prominent UFO floating above Manhattan for around 30 minutes on Saturday night.

Two or three witnesses saw the similitudes of the UFO to the spaceship from Star Trek. The lights seem to mix well with the night sky.

Meanwhile, in California, individuals in Los Angeles went crazy ensuing to seeing an erratic sickle coasting above them on Saturday night. Various individuals at Huntington Beach in California saw it besides.

One individual posted on Twitter that they totally just viewed a Los Angeles bow encircled UFO sputtered a tiny bit at a time and zoomed outside of anyone’s ability to see.

Others thought the sickle was by one means or another identified with the secured planet known as the Planet X. Prior in the week, trap analysts guaranteed that it would crush into the planet, and wipe out humankind and all life on Earth.

The Nibiru hypothesis is a guess of a doomsday in light of the book of holy compositions that two or three people anticipate the last days.

Trap specialists expect that none of us will make due after the doomsday and that would happen sooner than later as the signs for it to happen simply happened. They recommend the sun based cover that happened a month back and the present whirlwinds that pounded the Caribbean.