The UFO finding that happened over a town in Normandy, France was gotten on camera. A witness living in the region recorded the strange event resulting to getting over the UFO floating over his town on eleventh February 2017.

He got as an awesome piece of the uncommon event as he could before the battery of his camera phone he used to film the UFO went cleanse.

The UFO finding video exhibits a calm skimming object with a couple flaring lights obviously connected with the astounding thing as it floats over the French ocean side town.

A copy of the catch was introduced on YouTube on February 10 and got countless. Watchers have stacks of mixed reactions since it was posted on the web.

Some trust the lights were basically fires on an incline stacked with obscurity, cloudiness or mist. They think it was a mountain beyond anyone’s ability to see and the lights were flares.

Others inquire as to why the phones or cameras being used to catch recordings typically kicked the pail.

Various watchers say it was a UFO until showed by and large.

What do you think about this recording? Certified or a CGI?