Alien hunters has recently discovered a skeleton with an alien-like skull.

It was buried in a site called Russia’s Stonegenge. The hunters unearthed what they believe is proof of alien life from thousands of years ago.

On contrary to this belief, archaeologists think the skeleton belonged to a female in a tribe. They believe the skull was shaped as such by their culture and practice of binding the head that lead to its odd shape.

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“We have found a well preserved skeleton,” Researcher Maria Makurova said to Russian news network, TASS.

She is positive that it did belong to one of the tribes in the past saying, “I would not exclude the possibility that the skeleton belongs to a woman from the Sarmati tribe that lived in the territories of what is now modern day Ukraine, Kazakhstan and southern Russia.”

“Her skull was elongated because the tribe did so by tying up the heads of their children with rope,” she added.

Despite the claim that it was “clearly a tradition in the tribe,” alien believers think that perhaps these traditional tribes had mimicked the elongated skulls of the aliens that visited them.

As of the moment, archaeologists are further researching about the skull deformation traditions and do not yet have facts on hand.

The Arkaim archaeological site, where the skeleton lies, was found in 1987, which was later on designated a cultural reservation.

Scientists who dealt with this research and released the photos said it was not as old as 4,000 BC, which was the age of the site. It was believed to date back earlier in 200-300 AD, which makes it less than 2,000 years old.