We accept all original videos. An original video is one you filmed yourself, and own all the rights to.
Note: We do not accept videos with copyright music. It will be immediately removed.
Instructions to Upload a Video to UFOSIGHT.com

  • To upload a video to UFOSIGHT.com, simply choose the file from your computer and make sure you have form filled out and hit submit
  • If your video is already on YouTube:
  • We also accept videos that you’ve already uploaded to YouTube. Just send us the URL by filling in the Youtube field.

Accepted Video Formats
We accept videos in the following formats:

  • Acceptable file types: pdf,txt,docx,xlsc,mp3,mp4,png,jpg,flv,3gp,amv,m4u,mkv,mov,
  • Maximum size of each video

The maximum size of the video is 1 GB.

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Acceptable file types: pdf,txt,docx,xlsc,mp3,mp4,png,jpg,flv,3gp,amv,m4u,mkv,mov,.
Maximum file size: 1025mb.