Three individuals have approached guaranteeing that they shot and recorded a UFO in the skies over Plymouth. Alan Kingwell, 62, was one of the observers of the presence of weird dark shapes. Alan was shooting a period slip by video in his garden in Plymouth when the UFO locating occurred. The recording indicates two dim shapes drifting in the blue sky that occasionally secured with mists.

David Shepherd of Plymstock additionally saw comparative shapes on one of his photographs. He accepts may have detected a similar UFO.

Prior in the late spring, Mr Shepherd shot a square blob. He saw a little dark shape after a X state of plane contrails in the sky got his consideration. The odd UFO that was beneath them appeared to be like what Mr Kingwell got on video. Like what Alan portrayed, the dark molded UFO waited for around 10 minutes before it vanished.

On September 15, John Mooner of Newton Abbot likewise observed a similar UFO. He expressed that he was sky viewing with his Nikon P900 camera when he recognized the surprising article floating simply over one of the mists. Since the protest was stationary, he took a photograph and kept on looking as it stayed in one position for around a moment before it at long last began to move and took off at unimaginable speed. He at that point dismissed the question as it headed towards some thick overcast cover.