According to a National UFO Report Center (NUFORC) report, a person was driving down March Road in Ottawa, Ontario on January 29 at approximately 5:30 p.m. when a “huge triangle-shaped object” was seen in the early evening sky.

The witness noted that the object was “bright orange/yellow” and reflected the setting sun. “The sun was setting and it matched the same colours but this object was much higher than the sunset. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.”

As the object drew closer, the witness noted that it looked “almost like a rocket ship going straight up with a huge smoke trail behind it.” The tip at its top shone “like a star once I was close.”

The witness added, “It got larger as I approached it and looked more like a perfect triangle cloud with sun reflecting on it but the object was high in the atmosphere apart from grey clouds rolling in. The sun reflected off of it as if the surface was relatively smooth.

It was also noted that the sighting lasted about five minutes and the witness found it “awe inspiring.”

Toronto bright light

On January 30, 2014 at 2 a.m., a Toronto resident spotted a “very bright white light in the night sky.”

According to a NUFORC report, the witness had seen the same circular light for the prior four or five nights. The witness noted that at its closest, it appeared to be “the size of a penny. It appears suddenly and then moves very, very slowly back and forth (left to right of our field of view). It is circular but has fuzzy edges – really it looks like a floating flood light from a baseball field it is that bright.”

Triangle-shaped UFO was also noted that the light emitted no sound and the sighting lasted approximately one hour.



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