Good Morning Britain watchers were insane in the wake of being left with the claim of Shaun Ryder that he had seen a UFO.

Showed up on the TV show to check World UFO Day, the Happy Mondays star told has Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan about the time he saw a UFO as an adolescent.

Ryder said that he has confidence in UFOs since they exist. He clarified that he doesn’t think anything these scholarly kinds have been stating in light of the fact that they don’t know anything.

Shaun, 55, said that he saw a UFO when he was 15 functioning as a message kid for the mail station. He saw a UFO crisscrossing over the sky and after that shot off at around 7 am.

He saw it together with a child who took a gander at him, and they both did not let out the slightest peep.

Shaun said that it was ludicrous to think people on Earth were the main species in the universe.

Watchers like his appearance on the show with one recommending on Twitter to have Shaun consistently examining an alternate subject. Some other concur with Shaun’s point about researchers.