A UFO and towers has been pictured on the surface of Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko by the European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta Probe spacecraft, which is currently tailing the comet (and has just announced its landing point). It was able to take a high-resolution image which then revealed a spherical metallic-looking object and towers.

ufo and towers1 ufo and towers2
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In above images the rock appears as a darker more rugged shape while the metallic disc appears to reflect the sunlight back into the camera lens of the Rosetta spacecraft.

One can see that the rock next to the device shows very different characteristics, despite both being in the same angle of sunlight.

In down below image you can see the towers.


ufo and towers3 ufo and towers4
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Original high resolution Image of site location:

ufo and towers5
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