Additional terrestrials seem to have been checking the roads turned parking lots in Katy, Texas. A man got a wireless video of numerous bizarre lights in the sky as he drove along Hyw 99 Grand Parkway north towards I-10 and Highland Knolls. The video at first shows three baffling lights flying near each other. Minutes after the fact, the fourth light develops on the screen.

According to the driver, he was going home around 8:20 pm on September 18 when he noticed the lights in the night sky. The eyewitness noted that there is no airport in the area where he saw the strange aerial things flickering in and out. He said that the fourth one flicked into the video after one light disappeared.

The driver initially thought they might have been flares, but he saw the last light moved at a fast rate to the east at a 90-degree angle until it reached beyond the tree line and disappeared.

The eyewitness reported the sighting to Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) along with the video taken in Katy.

The sighting is still under investigation. MUFON encourages anyone to report own UFO sightings to their website.

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