On August 15, 2015, a circular flying object was seen flying in the wake of a massive RAF Vulcan aircraft. The XH558 was flying over Shoreham Power Station when the UFO seems to appear flying in a distance near the craft. Costello, who witnessed the entire thing and recorded it, reportedly said that it was just in the right direction after the XH558 was out of sight. In the footage, the UFO is seen flying from the left and ends at the center where it disappears. Costello was able to zoom in to get a clearer shot and it was just incredible. Another witness was able to take a photo, which was presented to Strange Phenomena Investigations founder, Malcolm Robinson. According to Robinson, it was a classic flying saucer, which is very exciting to see.

These happenings seem to be so constant that they may taken out from the “unusual events” on earth. The question is, how far are we in discovering extraterrestrial beings?

Watch the whole video here: https://youtu.be/6lFkzgDLg0Q