So many theories about aliens and UFO’s are going head to head with scientific theories. it is even harder to start from the very beginning of UFO appearances on earth because of the so many unacknowledged or undocumented events in the past. But with today’s technology and with many hard evidences, ufologists, who somehow started from the beginning of this millennium, are able to put these things on the table. Are these just natural scientific processes or is there a visitor from another planet?

What looks like a UFO in Russia made news around the world. In the report, an odd ball of light was seen hovering the woodland. It took 15 minutes before the local recorded it. In the video, it is clear that the light was moving in circles and different directions faster than any aircraft known to man. When it moved higher and nearer, where the video was being shot, it suddenly flew higher into the clouds until the person holding the camera couldn’t catch up.

It was reported that when the strange object appeared, the weather was fine. It was until it disappeared when it suddenly rained and the storm began.

Some scientific theories say it is a ball of lightning, which sometimes soars in the air longer than a typical lightning. They say it is a natural electric phenomenon, but Scott Waring, the alien researcher, believes that it is too fast and shows “intelligent movements” making it more mysterious than just a ball of lightning.

See for yourself.