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This genuine occasion occurred in 1995 and has been concealed since, after the communicate in October 1995 the video has all of a sudden vanished and the witnesses have most likely been controlled to stay quiet on this occasion. Just three pictures have surfaced.

The pictures were communicated by Russian TV in October 1995 and demonstrate the arrival of a tremendous extraterrestrial rocket that occurred right in the suburb of Ostankino, which is situated in suburbia of Moscow.

In the 3 photograph successions, which ought to be a piece of a video, you can see 2 individuals, apparently of the Russian military, who nearly watch the arrival of the outsider flying machine.

After examinations UFO scientists both Russian and European have arrived at the conclusion that the ufo landed just to evade the shots of Russian against air ship cannons.

At that point later, the UFO would rise some self-brilliant creatures with “non-threatening” expectations, severely translated by Soviet military faculty, who thusly would have reacted by discharging a couple of automatic rifle impacts.

In light of the Soviet discharge, from the outsider frame would have been issued vitality driving forces that would have put out of utilization the weapons of the Russian military.

From the examination did on the arrangement of pictures, the scientist Carlo Clemente depicts the UFO, as a wrapped by a vitality field and with a breadth of around 15-20 meters.

The same Carlos Clemente, compares the images of the TV Ostankino with the case of Cotula (Texas), where in the night of July 5, 2012, a surveillance web cam of a private condominium located in the Eagle Ford area, records the landing of another UFO.

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