UFO sighting that was drifting in the sky above Colfax in Washington. This was taped on Monday, 27th March 2017.

Witness report:

Only showed up on recording, did not see with stripped eye, but rather watched while recording on screen. I was driving home through a moderately new territory and ceased to record some lovely landscape as the climate was very pleasant for a change. As I was taking the video I saw something unusual on my screen however couldnt really observe it with the bare eye I expelled it as something on my windshield, yet then out of the blue I began to feel as though I was having a fit of anxiety and my heart was thumping quick and whimsically so I quit recording and proceeded with my commute home.

Endless supply of the video I understood that there was some kind of art zooming around those wind turbines I was respecting, it showed up rapidly out of the blue, and floated in kind of a round movement an extensive separation away, Looked like two circles flying firmly couple, with a light emanating around them on occasion.