UFO Sighting in Owensville Ohio

A white flying object was filmed in the skies of Owensville Ohio on September 5, 2014.

The witness stated:

I was taking a walk with my family at our local park when my daughter noticed something in the sky which she said was an airplane.

When I first saw it my first thought was this was NOT an airplane.

It made no noise, had a very shinny glow to it (almost white), and seemed like it was just gliding through the air. It had a contrast to the sky that really made it stand out compared to any airplane I have seem.

There was absolutely no engine trail either. I did not think much of it at first, but then I decided to take a picture and video of it.

By that time it was starting to get blocked by the trees at the park. When I started to record it, that is when it seemed to be changing direction.

After looking at the video, it seemed to also to be descending. Earlier it had just been going in a straight line across the sky. I eventually lost sight of it because of the trees.

I did not have any particular feeling other than wondering what I saw. I was not able to judge the distance to the object or the size.

I am thinking it was not too close due to the size.