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The FBI mysteriously closed the National Solar Observatory (NSO) in Sunspot, New Mexico. The sudden decision has prompted theories about the reason as law enforcement keep mum about it.

On September 6, the observatory was suddenly shut down without apparent reason and after more than a week, no sign of reopening. Authorities have yet to explain the closure.

The Sunspot post office has been closed indefinitely. The United States Postal Service spokesman said that they were informed on September 6 that they would be evacuated and the surrounding area without further reason. They were just told to be out of the area until they were allowed to return.

Benny House of Otero County Sheriff said the FBI is refusing to tell them the reason. He stressed that they have people up there at Sunspot that requested them to standby while they evacuate it. However, nobody would elaborate on them the reason as the FBI were up there.

The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) spokeswoman said the evacuation was due to a security issue and they decided to evacuate the facility. AURA is the one that manages the observatory.

With the mysterious closure, conspiracy theorists have given their opinions. Many think that a UFO spotted at the solar observatory on a photo while taking pictures of the sun. Others believe that there could be just a massive solar flare. However, most of them agree that there is definitely something off about it.

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