This bright unidentified flying object UFO Video was recorded over Saddle Brook, New Jersey on 28th September 2017.

Witness report: Bright light hovering near the moon, unblinking, stationary, then moved up until it disappeared. I was driving home when I noticed a stationary light in the sky. It was pretty bright, and unblinking. I wasn’t sure if it was a ufo but I decided to get it on camera anyway, because there was a dark object about 15 minutes earlier that could have been a lone cloud, maybe? But the clouds have been weird the past couple of days and I thought maybe it was a weird weather phenomenon, and I remembered seeing a random rainbow in the clouds yesterday that eventually disappeared…anyway, my suspicions about ufo activity was high so I decided to video this light. I had a hard time keeping my phone still (since I was driving and I know, I’m a bad girl), I tried zooming in and zooming out, showing its size relative to the moon, and all of a sudden I noticed it changed position in the sky and I watched (intermittenly) as it rose above the moon before disappearing entirely.

Author (source: MUFON)