An object seems to trail the International Space Station in a video that emerges from Russia. The baffling footage appears to show a piece of debris or spacecraft following the station last month as it orbited the Earth. It was allegedly shot on the ISS cameras while the satellite waited for a supply delivery.

Many have thought the object was a UFO, but others stay skeptical about the video’s authenticity, and the explanation that was given for it.

Some suggested that the short video didn’t have the same quality of the footage from the cameras on the ISS.

Furthermore, the object’s rotation and motion don’t look like an object in orbit. Because of this observation, some suggest the object in the clip is a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, used to transport cosmonauts into space.

Meanwhile, the video quickly went viral, and viewers hotly debated it online. Some think it is a companion ship.

One viewer commented that the debris from the ISS roughly gets the same speed as the object in the video. Most likely, a thermal insulation board, according to the viewer.

Just a few days back, the Cygnus cargo vessel was launched back into space filled with garbage it accumulated during its time with the space station. Once it reached a safe distance from the ISS, its engines were programmed to fire twice, sending it into Earth’s atmosphere. During re-entry, it will burn up in the atmosphere.