Photos that have emerged of a bizarre cloud formation over Northern California are causing social media users to wonder: Is the truth out there?

The strange snapshots have popped up all across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and show a bright, unusual hole in the otherwise undisturbed clouds over Stockton on Friday afternoon.

Now curious-minded folks in California and around the globe are speculating about what caused the phenomenon and some say its weird appearance belies an even weirder cause.



‘So the @WhiteHouse  wants you to believe what happened over the skies of Stockton yesterday was a “cloud formation” ? GTFOH #iKnowWhatiSaw,’ tweeted @CaPtDCharles.

Much of the speculation suggested that the bright cloud a UFO or somehow caused by extraterrestrial life.

However, there were plenty of other theories.


Mystery Hole: A local news station tweeted this pic of a phenomenon they identified as a Fallstreak hole or hole punch cloud, but not everyone who saw it was convinced the explanation was so simple.


Room for debate: The formation appeared to change colors at different angles and could be seen over a wide area of town, further fueling the social media speculation.